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Meeting 2013 05 03 2pm CEST



Alberto Michelini

YesEPOS/VERCE Luca Trani  
NoVERCE Iraklis Klampanos 
YesVERCEMario David


Bert Jagers  
NoEUDATClaudio Cacciari
YesEUDAT, PRACE Giuseppe Fiameni 


Mark van de Sanden


T. Ferrari, K. Eigelis

apologiesEUDAT, PRACE Johannes Reetz 
YesEUDATElena Erastova
NoEUDAT, EMI Michael Hellmich 
NoPRACE Agnes Ansari 
apologiesPRACE Jules Wolfrat 
NoEMI, EGIFuhrmann, Patrick
NoEMI, EGIPaul Millar
YesEUDAT, PRACEGiacomo Mariani
YesEUDATFabrizio Vitale
NoVERCEAmrey Krause
NoEGIStephen Burke
YesPRACEMatteo Lanati
YesVPH/EUDATStefan Zasada



  • use cases progress status
  • testing of the data staging script
  • actions and milestones update
  • next steps
  • aob

Status of  use cases (Use Cases)


  • EPCC installation of EUDAT services is almost ready and as soon as it is completed the ingestion and registration of VPH data sets onto EPCC resources can start.
  • Tiziana is waiting for EGI/BIOMED community to appoint two sites for initiating the tests. These site will make available a plain GridFTP interface for staging data.
  • The staging of data between EUDAT and (EGI | PRACE) will firstly occur through the data-staging script which is right now capable to transfer data using the PID (Giacomo has released a new version of the script).
  • Initially, it would be sufficient to grant only a couple of users access the infrastructures (EUDAT, PRACE). A VO for VPH users already exists on EGI. However, to succeed in the long term, the adoption of robot certificates to map many users to the same account should be investigated. The adoption of robot certificates within PRACE has never been investigated; special arrangements must be discussed and agreed with sites computational grants have been assigned to.
  • An estimation of data to be ingested on EUDAT and EGI resources has been requested to VPH to provide.


  • Tiziana is waiting for CYFRONET (Poland) to give a feedback on their availability to support the MAPPER nano use case
  • On the EUDAT side there is no progress to report (EPCC installation not ready yet)
  • A strategy to make use of registered data (PID) must be elaborated
  • The staging of data across the infrastructures will be the first functionality to test


  • The adoption of iRODS, including federation functionalities, is currently under evaluation among IPGP, KNMI, and CINECA
  • It is unlikely that concrete results on the infrastructures integration will be made before the conclusion of the pilots activity. This use case is probably too immature to be considered in this activity.
  • EPOS people will be involved to understand whether the current use case can be improved
  • It was agreed to have a meeting on a bi-weekly basis.
  • Tiziana proposed to organize a face-to-face meeting during the next EGI Technical Conference in Madrid (September 16-20). Although the pilots activity is supposed to end by August 2013, it might be worth meeting anyway so to, in the case, plan a new integration cycle.

Followup Meetings

  • The next meeting will take place on May, the 17th at 2.00pm


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