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Meeting 2013 06 24 2pm CEST



Alberto Michelini

NoEPOS/VERCE Luca Trani  
NoVERCE Iraklis Klampanos 
NoVERCEMario David
NoEUDATClaudio Cacciari
YesEUDAT, PRACE Giuseppe Fiameni 


Mark van de Sanden


T. Ferrari, K. Eigelis

NoEUDAT, PRACE Johannes Reetz 
NoEUDATElena Erastova
NoEUDAT, EMI Michael Hellmich 
YesPRACE Jules Wolfrat 
NoEMI, EGIFuhrmann, Patrick
NoEMI, EGIPaul Millar
YesEUDAT, PRACEGiacomo Mariani
NoEUDATFabrizio Vitale
NoVERCEAmrey Krause
NoEGIStephen Burke
NoPRACEMatteo Lanati
YesVPH/EUDATStefan Zasada
YesEGIGergely Sipos



  • use cases progress status
  • testing outcomes of the data staging script
  • actions and milestones update
  • next steps
  • aob

Status of the use cases


  • EGI sites have been confirmed (access to be tested yet)
  • EPCC (EUDAT) installation being ready to receive data sets - iRODS installation supports GSI for user authentication
  • First workflow to be completed by the mid of July
    • Ingestion and registration of VPH data sets on EPCC
    • Data transfer tests between EUDAT-EGI, EUDAT-PRACE via the Data Stating script
    • Job submission tests via the VPH AAH script
    • Ingestion and registration of results produced during the computation
  • After the first workflow is completed, effort will be allocated to make the solution more generic (more users and data to be involved)
  • Further possible requirements
    • advance reservation (PRACE)
    • remote visualization (PRACE) - does EGI provide any facility?
    • adoption of VO on PRACE - difficult to be implemented - agreement to be made directly with EPCC


  • EUDAT site (EPCC) must be confirmed (Giuseppe to contact Albert)
  • EGI sites have been confirmed (access to be tested)
  • Derek will produce a document on the adoption of registered data within MAPPER
  • SURFsara site (PRACE) currently not available to take part to the demonstration

Next Meetings

  •  TBD


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