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Marketing material

EMREX info, two-pages (pdf and powerpoint) - short introduction to EMREX and the field trial

Press releases

Press release in Finland 2.12.2014

EMREX poster (12.3.2015)


Powerpoint presentations in English

EMREX at IAAO conference (5.5.2016)

EUNIS 2015 (10.6.2015)

EMREX presentation for Centre for International Mobility in Finland (28.5.2015)

EMREX presentation (24.2.2015)

Short EMREX presentation, EACEA kick-off 12-13-4-2015 and  poster

Short introduction to EMREX for Universities, 2.2.2015

Powerpoint presentations in local languages

EMREX presentation for Finnish HEIs (10.11.2015)

EMREX presentation for Synergia-workshop (in Finnish) (8.5.2015)

EMREX presentation for NUAK (in Swedish) Presentation 150921-TF NUAK 2015(1).pptx





EMREX has been accepted by the Scientific Committee of EUNIS (European University Information Systems Organization) to participate as a presenter in the EUNIS2015 Congress. In the abstract for submission the benefits including quality, openness and reliability of the student achievement information were stressed.

The EUNIS2015 Congress will be held on 10-12 June in Dundee, Edinburgh.

Further information:

EUNIS 2015 website:


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