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This page is temporarily setup to help with preparing the final report

Templates and documents

Financial reporting and deliverables

Financial excelOkokOkOkOkOk Ok Ok
Engagement letterOkokOk OkOk Ok OkOk
Audit reportOkokOkOkOkOk OkOk


Progress tracking and time schedule

1.10.2017Draft version 0.1 of with tasksMatsDraft1 ready with division of tasks
15.10.2017WP4 final report readyPameladelayed, a draft version
31.10.2017WP5 report readyJaninafirst draft sent out 10.11, ready 22.11
6.11.2017Draft ready for midreviewall partnersMissing input from Pamela,
13.11.2017Midreview f2f in connection with WP5 meeting in Warsaawall partnersDone
30.11.2017First complete version of final report by all partnersall partnersDone, a few lines missing
1.12.2017Upload deliverables to the EACEA project siteMatsWaiting for instructions from EACEA
11.12.2017Final f2f reviewall partnersDone, some comments
15.12.2017Final version of report readyMatsProof-reading in January
30.1.2018Audit certificate reports and financial reports readyall partnersok
28.2.2018Final report submitted to EACEAMatsSubmitted 9.3.2018

Deliverables with traffic lights

5.10.2017Final NCP logdonedonedonedonedonedone 
5.10.2017Final SMP logdoes not applydoneemptydonedonedone 
5.10.2017Register data setdonedonedonedonedoes not applydone 
15.10.2017WP4 final report     doneFirst draft, more conclusions and some finetuning still. Ready
31.10.2017WP5 final report      First draft send out 10.11, ready 22.11
 WP6 final report      Done
15.12.2018Hand-over plan      Ready
31.1.2018Audit certificate report       
31.1.2018Financial report       




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