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Research questions

  • Before the implementation of EMREX -- Needs of the administration (if it is necessary)
  • After the implementation of EMREX -- Evaluation of the platform from the administration’s point of view:
    • ease of use
    • technical problems
    • administrative issues
    • support
    • EMREX’s impact on administration
    • EMREX’s impact on mobile students


The main qualitative study (2017)

The aim of the study is to learn about the administrative personnel's opinion about the impact of EMREX on the recognition process and student mobility. 


The study report is available here: EMREX qualitative study report.pdf


The interview scenario is available here: EMREX interview scenario.docx


Interviews will be conducted between March and April 2017.

Dates of interviews


Roskilde University (6.03)
University of Copenhagen (7.03)
Technical University of Denmark (7.03)


University of Helsinki (14.03)

Arcada University of Applied Sciences (14.03)
University of Oulu (15.03)
Oulu University of Applied Sciences (15.03)

Italy4.04.2017University of Siena

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (28.03)

University of Oslo (29.03)

BI Norwegian Business School (29.03)


University of Gothenburg (21.03)
Högskolan Borås, Gothenburg (21.03) 
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm (22.03)
Stockholm University (23.03)
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (23.03)



Administrative personnel responsible for recognition of foreign studies at HEIs taking part in the trial:

  • 3-5 individual in-depth interviews (IDIs) per country
  • Preferably with personnel from HEIs located in major cities

Here is the letter to HEIs asking for assistance with the recruitment of respondents.

EMREX interview request.docx

Initial qualitative study (2015)

This is the initial stage of EMREX and an exploratory study.  At this point respondents have not seen EMREX yet so the goal of the study is to gather information about:

  • The current processes related to the recognition of academic records and administrative barriers to recognition.
  • Administration’s expectations regarding EMREX.

Here you can find general information about the study, its methodology, and some technical instructions:

EMREX initial qualitative study - guidelines.docx

Here you can find the interview scenario and the template of research notes:

EMREX initial qualitative study - scenario and notes template.docx


Administrative personnel responsible for recognition of foreign studies at HEIs taking part in the trial:

  • Initial “measurement”  – before EMREX (min. 2 IDIs per country) 

Conducted interviews

After the interview please send your research notes to Tomasz Zając and fill in the table below.

Conducted interviews:



Respondent’s HEI

Date of the interview

Date of sending the note to the evaluation team

Mats Lindstedt


Åbo Akademi



Annika Thunström

SwedenUniversity of Gävle21.4.201521.4.2015
Josefine NordlingFinlandHäme University of Applied Sciences1.6.2015 8.6.2015
Josefine NordlingFinlandAalto University9.6.201510.6.2015
Josefine NordlingFinlandOulu University of Applied Sciences5.6.2015 8.6.2015
Anders Bøgebjerg HansenDenmarkUniversity of Copenhagen1.10.2015 1.12.2015
Anders Bøgebjerg HansenDenmarkTechnical University of Denmark5.10.2015 1.12.2015
Pamela HenrikssonSwedenUniversity of Gothenburg13.10.201513.10.2015
Nadin HabbalSwedenKTH Royal Institute of Technology14.10.201514.10.2015
Kamil OlszewskiPolandUniveristy of Warsaw9.10.201515.10.2015
Kamil OlszewskiPolandUniveristy of Warsaw9.10.201515.10.2015
Tor FridellSwedenLinkoping University21.10.201521.10.2015


Here you can find a report from initial qualitative study (posted on 18.01.2016):

initial qualitative study - summary_18.01.2016



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