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Purpose of Steering Group:

The overall strategic leadership is done by the Steering Group, who will provide policy guidance to the project and also make decisions on possible major change requests to the project plan. The Steering Group consists of high-level representatives from Ministries and similar bodies in each participating country. This way a direct link to national policies will be maintained at all times. The Steering Group meets once per quarter to evaluate the process of the project and to provide guidance when necessary. 


Jukka HaapamäkiFinlandMinistry of Education and CultureChairman

Ebba Ehlers

DenmarkDanish Agency for Higher Education 
Federico CinquepalmiItalyMinistry of University and Research 
Lene OftedalNorwayMinistry of Education and Research 
Sylwia SalamonPolandUniversity of Warsaw 
Anders SöderholmSweden

The Association of Swedish Higher Education

Mats LindstedtFinlandCSCSecretary

Previous members:

  • Sweden: Marianne Granfelt 2015-2016
  • Norway: Lene Oftedal 2015, 2017 H2, Tone Flood Strøm 2016, Inger Johanne Christiansen 2017 H1
  • Italy: Marzia Foroni ->16.3.2016
  • Denmark: Henrik Brodersen 2015
  • Finland: Kaisu-Maria Piiroinen 2015-2017 H1, Jukka Haapamäki 2017 H2


117.2.2015HelsinkiAgenda, WoW, full proposal, status, risk matrix, slides, EACEA, OKMMoM
226.5.2015Telco meetingAgenda, statusMoM
324.9.2015CopenhagenAgenda, financial, statusMoM
49.12.2015Telco meetingAgenda, status Stakeholder Forum MoMMoM
510.3.2016OsloAgenda, status, runrateMoM
625.5.2016Telco meetingAgenda, status, field trial, evaluationMoM
722.9.2016StockholmAgenda, status, financial, field trial, short survey, long survey, EACEAMoM
830.11.2016Telco meetingAgenda, status, EMREX Seminar, Stakeholder ForumMoM
922.2.2017WarsawAgenda, status, stakeholder forum, SF worksheet, forecast, QA AuditMoM
1023.5.2017Telco meetingAgenda, status, reportMoM
1119.10.2017RomeAgenda, status, Field trial.pptx, evaluation, EACEA report, EMREX UnleashedMoM
1214.12.2017Telco meetingAgenda, EUGMoM
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