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Click Dashboard and choose Create new exam

Choose Exam type


  • General Exam is an exam that is open for anyone to book in the software
    • The teacher sees the current state of the bookings and unrevised exam answers in Exam, and gets a weekly briefing every Monday with the same information 
  • Personal Exam Can be addressed to specific students
    • Note: to be able to create a personal exam to one or multiple specific students (that only the specific student can access) it is required for the student to have logged in at least once to EXam system
    • The student will receive an e-mail when they can book a time for the exam. The teacher will receive an e-mail when the student has finished the exam.
    • No other students can take the exam.
    • After the exam has been published, the teacher can’t add mote students to the exam.
    • A student can take a personal exam only once (in case of no-shows, the teacher can choose to create a new copy for the student).   

The Registration link that teachers can give to students will be created automatically. (Students can also search for general exams by logging into Exam)

Fill in the basic information of the exam 


Exam name*   
Note that multiple exams   can be created during the same teaching period, so give an unambiguous name to the exam).
Exam language   

Choose the language. The choice does not affect the interface language.

Type of examination:   
Choose Partial or Whole course grade (default)   

Grading scale Examiners

If you want to grant your colleague rights to the exam (editing, assessing, grading), add him / her here.  

  The added person has to have teacher’s status.




If the assessment needs another person, add him / her here. 

  The added person has to have teacher’s status. The evaluator sees completed exams and can assess answers, but only the examiner may edit the exam and
  give grades.


Software to be used as answering


Choose software that is available for the students when answering (Note! Check that the software is available in the exam room!)

 Exam attachment   

You can add one general attachment (NOT web links) to the exam e.g. mathematical formulas and one to each question.

Allowed formats: pdf, word, pictures,zip


Instructions visible for the students during
  the exam:


Write here the instructions meant for students during the exam, e.g. how many questions are needed to be answered.


  “This is your personal exam. It consists of five multiple choice questions and three essay questions. Answer all the given questions/Choose one out the
  given essay topic to answer.”

Instructions visible during the exam booking   

Write here the instructions meant for students during booking the exam. EXAMPLE” Choose the Computers 1-2 as making reservations. / You can book a new exam time after   your previous exam has been assessed.”





Click the Question tab

Add exam questions

Tick Randomize questions if you want to randomize the questions in a specific section.
NB! You cannot choose this alternative until there are at least two questions in the section.


You can add a new question (see above) or a question from the question bank.


When you click to add question from the question bank, a list of questions opens. You can sort the questions according to Study period/Exam/Tag.
Tick the questions you want to add.


Scroll down in order to save or cancel.




Preview the exam by clicking the Preview exam button in the left corner at the bottom of the page;
Here you get the student view of the exam.
Note! If using Randomize questions, you just see one of the questions in the preview.