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Where do I find the answers for the exams?

You can assess the exam in the software. Once a week (Monday mornings) the software sends a summary of reservations and exams to be evaluated. The teacher can also log on to Exam and finds this information on the Dashboard > the tab Unassessed exam


General exam:

  • As long as the exam period is in progress the answers can be found on the Dashboard under Active exams
  • After the exam period, you can find the exams on the Dashboard under Unassessed exams

Personal exam:

  • Every time a student finishes a personal exam, the teacher gets an e-mail
  • As long as the exam period is active, and there are still students who haven’t finished the exam, the answers can be found on the Dashboard


Unassessed exams 

Automatic assessment (Multiple choice questions)

Automatic assessment is put in to use when you create the exam under the Publish tab.

Fill in the percentage of the total amount of credentials. For pass/fail, it is enough to choose the percent required for a passed credential.


Choose when the assessment will become available for the students:

  • Immediately when the exam is finished
  • A specific date
  • X amount of days after the exam is finished.

Automatic assessment cannot be used for essay questions, only for multiple choice questions.