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General things to keep in mind for universities' orders (Specially for hardware that goes to Kajaani):

  • (for Kajaani) plan your cluster's layout in the rack. Let us know about how many Us you'll use on phase 1 and how many you'll need for phase 2. This is important to optimize the cluster's distribution on Kajaani's machine room.

  • There's no need to buy racks for equipment that goes to Kajaani. If your machines don't go to Kajaani and you're considering reusing your own racks make sure you have sufficient PDUs. 

  • Power cables: you should have at least 3 meter power cables on those devices which have cable arms installed and at least 2m cables for other.

  • Note: Kajaani's machine room have 6x C19 outlets and 42x C13 outlets on each PDU which makes total 12/96 power outlets per rack. Power cables must have C13 – C14 or C19 – C20 connectors. Let Dell know about this. They'll ship useless power cables if not stated otherwise. 

  • Switches air flow should be checked with Dell considering if you want to place it in front or back side.

  • Note: Dell is providing ethernet switches with just 1 power supply. Kajaani has 2 power lines, one with and one without UPS. If this is an issue for your setup, ask Dell if they can offer other solutions.

  • Take in consideration the placement of the switches when deciding on cable lengths.

  • By principle, CSC keeps the customer systems' internal switches separated from CSC's general switched environment. iDRAC interfaces and ethernet interfaces for public access will be connected to a CSC switch that will be (in most cases) in a different rack. For those order 7 meter ethernet cables.

  • Make sure you order 1 SFP transceiver per compute node (One Dell Networking Transceiver, SFP, 1000BASE-T is included on each compute node [C6320] price).

  • Dell GPGPU node have some temperature operation restrictions - maximum intake air temperature of 25ºC in certain conditions (you can check Dell's server page). 4 GPU configurations should be avoided. Please see figure below.


Test unit configuration:

2x E52680 (120W, top column)+ 4x nVidia K80 (300W, side column) = 24 celcius

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