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OpenFOAM, an open source software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), is available in FGCI.

To use OpenFOAM, add following runtime environment definition to your grid job description file:


Below is a sample job description file (openfoam.xrsl) for a parallel OpenFOAM job:


   ( "openfoam41xParTaito.tar" "openfoam41xParTaito.tar" )
   ( "results.tgz" "results.tgz" )


The corresponding job script ( could look like following:

#!/bin/bash -l

ls -l
tar xvf openfoam41xParTaito.tar

srun --resv-ports icoFoam -parallel
reconstructPar -latestTime

tar zcf results.tgz 0.5


You can run the test job using following commands:

First ownload the sample case


Unpack the example file

tar zxvf openfoam_example.tgz

Then move to the openfoam_example directory, set up the grid proxy with command arcproxy and submit the job with command arcsub.

   cd openfoam_example
arcproxy -S
arcsub openfoam.xrls

When the job is submitted you can follow the progress of the job with commands:

  arcstat -a 


  arcstat job_id_string

When the job is ready you can retrieve the results with command

  arcget job_id_string

(the job_id_string above should be replaced by the grid URL of the job)









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