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Hei taito-team,

since nobody so far gave anyfeedback on taito, I'll give it a start!

I'm very happy with taito so far (and enjoying the empty cluster with zero waiting time) and don't have much to say actually. I didn't face any major problems.

For the moment I only miss some handy functionalities like having shared working folder with vuori/hippu, direct login via nx, having not to do by hand different module load... to get all dependencies and automatic messages when software is re-compiled (in my case I need to know when there is a new Elmer version to compile my own userfunctions). But I assume that will be done once taito is really operational?

Also, for the moment I miss longer queues than 24hrs (in parallel), but that might be not an issue in the future when I can setup my simulations with more processors, currently I'm still used from vuori to use few processors since it usually was a bit better in terms of waiting time in the batch queue.

In some case the TAB completion (for example for module load) seems not to work for me and somehow I can't use the wildcard "*" with the scp-command (when using scp from elsewhere), but I haven't looked closer in that, that might also just be some simple user error by myself.

And finally I'm wondering about the "life-time" of files in $WRKDIR, 7days sounds really short to me - since it means that one basicly would have to stop working already a day or two before leaving to conferences/fieldwork/holiday to be sure not too lose results before even having had a chance to save and copy them?



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