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Information on flexible studies offered

Aalto University limits the studies that are offered to bachelor’s and master’s level JOO students. The courses offered can be found on Aalto University's student website Into some time before the application period begins. There are differences in what different schools of Aalto University offer. You can only apply for the courses that are listed among the courses offered, unless stated otherwise.

Doctoral students can apply for any Aalto University course. The decision is made by the organizing school on a case-by-case basis.

Courses offered by Aalto University Open University cannot be applied for as flexible studies, as they are not covered in the Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO). More information about Aalto University Open University, the courses they offer and how to enrol can be found on their website

Application periods for flexible studies

Aalto University has two application periods for JOO studies.

1–30 April: for courses that are held during the next academic year (autumn, spring).
131 October: for courses that are held next spring. 

Doctoral students can apply anytime, but it is advisable to apply within the application periods, preferably during the term before the course begins. At the latest, apply four weeks before the course registration begins.

Exceptions: The above-mentioned application periods do not apply to certain programmes, which have their own application periods. The student must submit an application for the programme and a JOO application during the application period for said programme. Students who are admitted to the programme are granted a flexible study right for the programme. For more information about the programmes and possible further information, please visit

Study guides in Aalto University

Aalto University does not have study guides for JOO students. Course descriptions and the structures of the minors can be found in either study guides for degree students on Aalto University’s student website Into (Bachelor and Master’s students), or in Aalto University Minors Guide (

Separate application to each school

Aalto University consists of six schools. With one application a student applies to only one of the schools of Aalto University. Those who wish to apply for studies organized by different schools of Aalto must submit a separate application to each school.

Submitting the application

Aalto University uses the electronic application system for JOO studies. If your home university uses the electronic application system, submit the application through the application system. The electronic application is automatically transferred to Aalto University when your home university has endorsed the application in whole or in part. The application must arrive in Aalto University before the application period ends.

Submitting a paper application to Aalto University

The English front page of the Joopas website lists which universities use the electronic application system and which do not. If your home university does not use the electronic application system, fill in a paper JOO application. An endorsed application and an official transcript of records is delivered to the school which organizes the studies. The application must arrive in Aalto University before the application period ends. Please mark the envelope with the text: “JOO application”.

Delivery addresses

  • Aalto University School of Engineering, Student Services, PO Box 14100, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Business, Student Services, PO Box 21210, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Chemical Technology, Student Services, PO Box 16200, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Science, Student Services, PO Box 15400, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Student Services, PO Box 13000, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Student Services, PO Box 31000, 00076 Aalto

Please schedule the time needed for your home university’s endorsement process for both an electronic and paper application!

Admission criteria

Applications that arrive to Aalto University after the application period has ended are not processed. Aalto University can grant a right to study only for studies that are offered to JOO students, and only when the home university has first endorsed the application. The student must have adequate skills and abilities to complete the studies.

Some courses have a quota for students from other universities. If the quota is full, a right to study cannot be granted. Even if the course has no quota for JOO students, the application may have to be considered on a case-by-case basis, e.g. in terms of the size of teaching rooms, equipment and other resources. In some cases the decision is based on applicants' portfolios.

A study right does not guarantee a place on the course, if e.g. the course has a quota or priority is given to a certain group of students.

With applications for minor studies, all of the courses cannot always be granted at once. In such cases the student can apply for the rest of the courses later within the normal application periods, provided the courses are offered. It might also be possible to complete the missing courses in Aalto University Open University. Open University studies are not part of the Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO), which means that students pay for the studies themselves. More information about Aalto University Open University, the courses they offer and how to enrol can be found on their website

Number of credits

Aalto University can grant a study right for a maximum of 30 ECTS per student per application. If the student applies for a minor which requires that the student first fulfills the prerequisites, Aalto University can grant 30 + prerequisites.

Duration of the flexible study right

The right to study is granted for a fixed period. Usually when the right to study is for a maximum of 18 ECTS, it is granted for one year. When the right to study is for over 18 ECTS, the duration is two years. However, if the home university's endorsement is for a shorter time, Aalto University will not exceed it. If the student graduates from his/her home university, the JOO study right in Aalto University ends as well.

Starting your flexible studies

The decisions are usually made approximately a month after the application period has ended. If the right to study is granted, you will receive instructions on starting the studies.

Credit transfer

Credit transfer is done as instructed by the home university. You are responsible for providing your home university with information on completed flexible studies. An official transcript of records can be obtained from the Student Services upon request, or it can be posted to your home address. You can order an official digitally-signed transcript of records in WebOodi while you are a student at Aalto. The electronic transcript of records is a PDF document equipped with a digital signature to confirm its authenticity and integrity.


School of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • Planning Officer Tiina Pylkkönen
  • tiina.pylkkonen(at)
  • tel. 050 433 0736

School of Business

  • Planning Officer Aino Salminen
  • aino.2.salminen(at)
  • tel. 050 413 6414

School of Chemical Technology

  • Planning Officer Kaisa Honkala
  • kaisa.honkala(at)
  • tel. 050 511 2079

School of Electrical Engineering

  • Planning Officer Eeva Halonen
  • eeva.halonen(at)
  • tel. 050 327 9199

School of Engineering

  • Coordinator Virpi Riissanen
  • virpi.riissanen(at)
  • tel. 050 564 5495

School of Science

  • Study coordinator Sari Salmisuo
  • sari.salmisuo(at)
  • tel. 050 408 4540


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