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1. Applying for flexible study right (JOO) studies

Students completing their graduate or postgraduate degree in a Finnish university can apply for the flexible study right. The student must have enrolled as present to his/her home university at the time of applying.

The study right is applied for using an electronic application form. Most universities use the electronic flexible study rights application system Joopas. You can fill in and send the application by logging into the


The electronic application system is still not used in all universities. If you study or want to apply for a study right in one of the following universities, you must fill in a printable application form: JOO application form

  • University of Jyväskylä
  • University of Lapland
  • University of Oulu
  • Theatre Academy of Finland

With one application form you can apply for studies organized only by one faculty/department at the host university. If you want to apply for a study right in more than one university and/or for several faculties/departments of the university, you must fill in applications accordingly.

The universities have two different practices for receiving flexible study rights applications:

  • application period twice a year with application deadlines on 30.4. (for studies beginning in the autumn) and on 31.10 (for studies beginning in the spring). If the application deadline falls on a weekend, the application period is extended to the following working day.
  • applications are processed throughout the year. In this case the application endorsed by the home university must be submitted to the host university early enough. It is recommended to apply for studies beginning in the next semester during the previous semester.

Check the endorsement process schedule of your home university (own university) and the host university’s (university you apply for) application deadlines from the university-specific JOO instructions. Note that getting your home university’s endorsement takes also time so apply for the endorsement well advance. Take into account also national holidays.

Check from the universities the application periods and procedures of the courses organized by the language centers.

  • After your home university´s endorsement, the electronic application form is transferred to be processed at the host university.
  • If you apply using a printable application form, check the address the application is sent to from your home university’s instructions. Check also whether your home university sends the application to be processed at the host university or whether you are expected to do it yourself.

You will receive the decision on your study right within about a month from the application deadline or, in universities processing applications throughout the year, within a month from submitting your application.

2. Duration of the flexible study right

The right to complete courses in other Finnish universities is always granted for a fixed period. The study right begins when the host university grants you the right to complete the JOO-studies. The study right is valid for the maximum of two (2) academic years.

The flexible study right expires automatically if you graduate from your home university or if you, during the time your study right is valid, get a degree student status in the host university. The new home university may however charge the old home university for studies completed before the student received the degree student status.

3. Status of the JOO-student

A student with flexible study right has the right to use the same student services (eg. library, IT services, study counseling) as the degree students of the university. The university-specific JOO-instructions provide information on issues related to beginning of studies and acquiring user accounts for different online services.

4. Grading of studies

The host university will inform you about the grading scale used in the transcript of completed studies. Your home university will then determine the credits and the grade received for the studies completed in another university.

5. Transferring studies to home university transcript

The student is responsible for submitting the course data to be taken to the home university study register. The university-specific JOO-instructions provide further information (only in Finnish at the moment) on submitting completed credits. The universities officers will offer more information.

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