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Information on flexible studies offered

You can see JOO quotas for courses in Hanken’s study guide

General info about JOO studies and requirements

Information about JOO studies at Hanken is found here

The application, and appendices, is to be submitted electronically via Submit your application well before the course starts so that your home university can process is and forward it to Hanken no less than one month before the course starts.

If the electronic application system is not used at your home university, (a list of universities is available on, please send the approved application and appendices to:

Helsinki: Hanken/ Office of Study Affairs /Joo-application, Pb 479 (Arkadiankatu 22), 00101 Helsinki

Vasa: Hanken/Office of Study Affairs / Marika Finne, Kirjastonkatu 16, 65101 Vaasa

Starting your flexible studies

When your application to take courses at Hanken has been processed, you will receive a decision to the email address you indicated in your application.

If your application has been rejected, i.e. if you have not been granted the right to study at Hanken, you get an explanation of why you have not been granted the right to study.

If your application is approved, you will receive an acceptance letter to the email address you indicated in your application. The letter provides instructions on how to enrol in courses and other useful information.

When you are granted the right to study at Hanken, you have two years’ time to take the courses and clear everything related to the course (exams, assignments, etc.) Please note that parts of some courses (for example a term paper) are valid only one year or one semester.

When you are granted the right to study, you are also granted user rights to Hanken's computer network. You must personally pick up your user ID at InfoBITen in student services. Your user ID is valid as long as your right to study. You will need your ID, among other things, in order to register for exams and courses. Once you receive your user ID, immediately log in to Hanken's network and change your password. You must do it while physically at Hanken.

You register for courses and exams via Hanken’s WebOodi

You need to sign up for courses at least two weeks before the course begins and for the exam 7 days before it takes place.

Contact details of coordinators

Office of Study Affairs, 2nd floor

Email: ann-helen.paivinen(at)

Office of Study Affairs
Mon-Fri 9-14

Email: marika.finne(at)


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