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Instructions regarding the host university

Information on flexible studies offered

The degree programmes offered by Tampere University are presented on our website. Tampere University is divided into seven faculties that provide education.

Students who are interested in studying at Tampere University send their JOO application primarily through the JOO online application system. If your home university uses the JOO online application system, please log in to the system at If your home university does not use the online application system, you need to fill out a paper application. Application forms are available in all the universities in Finland. Read the instructions carefully before filling out your application.

Application periods for flexible studies

Tampere University reviews JOO applications as they arrive on a rolling basis, so you can submit an application at any time during the academic year. However, you must submit your application well in advance, at least one month before your proposed JOO course is scheduled to begin. Please send all questions to the JOO contact persons in our faculties.

Study guides

Admission criteria for a flexible study right

The approval of JOO applications will be contingent upon the availability of the necessary resources at the host university and the receiving unit. Host universities will primarily accept JOO applications for basic and intermediate studies. Under the JOO agreements, students may only be admitted to advanced-level courses and individual courses for special reasons. If there are limited places available on a popular course, the host universities will give preference to their own students. In some subjects, such as languages, students will be required to take a placement test. If Tampere University accepts your JOO application, please note that you will only be able to attend the courses listed in your application. 

JOO students may complete no more than two courses in the Licentiate Degree Programme in Medicine at Tampere University. JOO students may attend tutorials and lectures but not the sessions where medical students are taught practical, interactional or clinical skills where information on patients is discussed. Consequently, JOO students will be awarded fewer credits upon completion of the courses than as indicated in the study guide.

Almost all the courses offered by Tampere University in the fields of engineering are open to JOO students. Admission may be restricted, for example, to courses in architecture.

Duration of the flexible study right

JOO study rights remain valid for up to two years. Your JOO study right will end upon the expiry of your right to study at your home university.

Submission of the application

JOO applications are primarily delivered through the online application system at

If your home university has not adopted the online application system, please send your paper application by post to the following address: name of faculty, FI-33014 Tampere University, Finland.

Starting your flexible studies

You will receive more instructions about completing JOO courses after your application has been formally accepted. Your JOO study right will remain valid for up to two years.

Credit transfer

Students are responsible for providing their home university with the required information to have their JOO credits counted towards their degree. Eight universities in Finland have started using the Puro service that enables students to manage the credit transfer process electronically.  The Puro service allows you to extract information about the credits you earned at your host university from the Virta database and deliver the information electronically to your home university. A link to the Puro service is available on the main page of the JOO online application system.

If your home university does not use the Puro service, you need to contact the Student Affairs Office ( after completing your JOO courses and request an official transcript of records, so that the credits you earned can be counted towards your degree.

Contact details 


Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC)

Language Programmes, Journalism and Communication, Information and Media Studies, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts

Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics (City Centre Campus)

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Hervanta Campus)

Faculty of Management and Business (MAB)

Administrative Studies (Master's Degree Programme in Audit and Evaluation)

Business Studies (Master's Degree Programme in Audit and Evaluation, Master's Degree Programme in Responsible Business)


Leadership for Change, NORDIG, MARIHE ja SAFER Master's Degree Programmes

Faculty of Education and Culture (EDU)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET)

Faculty of Built Environment (BEN)

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS)

Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC)

Language Centre

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