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Process of approving the application

The process of approving the application may take at least two weeks.

Student must check the host university´s application instruction, application time and the courses they offer as flexible studies before they fill the application.

TSE uses mainly the electronic flexible study rights application system Joopas. University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, University of Lapland and University of Oulu uses the paper application. If you are applying one of these universities, please fill the correct application form and send it or bring it to the Office for Academic and Student Affairs at TSE.

If there is something missing from the application, the student will be asked to supply the necessary information. The time for supplying the asked information is a week. If student can´t supply the needed information, the decision will be made with available information.

After the decision is made, the application is forwarded to the host university which also process the application and informs the student about their decision, i.e. whether they grant the study right. Also, TSE informs the student if endorsement is not given.

Criteria for approving the application and making a personal study plan

Approvements can be given to

  • only for attending students
  • studies not available at TSE or University of Turku 
  • studies that are suitable for and fit in the student's degree structure
  • student who has advanced in his/her studies
  • not second year students
  • for minor studies

Student has to make a personal study plan in which the applied flexible studies are included.

Duration for the flexible study right

The approvements are given by Office for Academic and Study Affairs at TSE and usually for maximum of two academic years. 

Delivery address for the paper application

  • Mail: Office for Academic and Student Affairs/JOO Application, Turku School of Economics, 20014 University of Turku
  • Email: tseopintotoimisto(at)

Sending the paper application to host university

If the application is approved by the home university, it will be send to the target university. The Office for Academic and Student Affairs will attach student´s transcript before forwarding the approved application.

Student should get the answer for the host university´s decision in 4-6 weeks from the host university.

Transfering the credits

Student should fill the application for the transfer of credits and attach an original transcript of records, copies of course examination requirements and other possible attachments and then send or bring it to the Office for Academic and Student Affairs.

Courses done in a Finnish University and Universities of Applied Sciences after 1.8.2008 with grading scale 1-5 are accepted with grades. In any other case the grade is registered with grade PASS.

Contact information

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