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Application round for flexible study rights (JOO)

The flexible JOO study right enables graduate and postgraduate students to apply for a study right to another Finnish university, for example to complete a minor module or take individual courses. 

The JOO study right increases student´s options:

  • by offering a chance to include suitable studies from other universities into degrees
  • and benefit their degree with the experts and special fields from other universities.

All Finnish universities take part in JOO, and the studies are free of charge for the student. The student must be registered as attending at the University of Helsinki to be able to apply for a flexible study right and take courses at another university. The completed Joo studies must be included in the student’s degree (bachelor's, master's  or doctor´s degree).

Application dates

For bachelor and master level students there are two fixed application periods per year:

  • 1.3. - 15.4. (at 15.45) for studies starting in next autumn term

  • 1.9. - 15.10. (at 15.45) for studies starting in next spring term

If the date of the application deadline does not fall on a weekday, the application period ends on the next weekday.

NB: If the host university`s application period ends before 30.4. or 31.10., the student must apply (in Joopas Online system or apply by paper application) and notify the International Exchange Services about the different application period by email to: at least a month before the application period for the host university ends.

For doctoral students the application period is year-round, starting from 1.8.2018. Processing time of the applications is four weeks.

Length of home university’s endorsement process

Students will be notified (by e-mail) about the decision a month after the application round has ended.

Supporting criteria

Supporting statements for studies within the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO) can be provided under the following criteria:

  • The student can incorporate the JOO studies into his or her undergraduate or postgraduate degree for which he or she has registered for attendance.
  • The JOO studies do not delay the student’s graduation or unnecessarily add to the scope of the degree completed at the University of Helsinki.
  • A supporting statement for JOO studies can be provided only if the studies cannot be completed at the University of Helsinki. However, students in an English- or Swedish-language degree programme can complete courses in English or Swedish at another university if the courses in question are offered only in Finnish at the University of Helsinki (e.g., qualifying studies and language courses).
  • A supporting statement for a study module can be issued only once for each degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s, doctorate).
  • The scope of the requested right to study may not exceed 60 credits.
  • The applicant must have completed at least 30 credits, which are documented on a transcript from the University of Helsinki student register. If the student has been admitted to pursue a Master’s or doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki, he or she must have completed 30 credits at the University of Helsinki or must enclose with his or her application a transcript for a previous degree.
  • The application must also include information on the applicant’s study progress and performance at the University of Helsinki, a personal study plan and a description of the reasons for the need to receive the right to study.
  • Those planning to complete a module must contact the target university to ensure that the studies applied for constitute a module. The student must submit a single application for a supporting statement for all the studies included in the module.
  • No supporting statements are provided for Open University courses.
  • No supporting statements for JOO studies are provided for students who hold a fixed-term right to study, for example, exchange students.

 The application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. A personal study plan (PSP). The personal study plan must indicate what mandatory and optional studies you are going to do and what you have already done. Optional studies done under the JOO scheme must be clearly stated in your personal study plan. If you attach an ePSP (e-Hops), it must include the facts stated above. More on PSP:
  2. A transcript of studies (an unofficial one from WebOodi is enough).
  3. Postgraduate students must include a statement of approval concerning the study plan from the professor in charge of the discipline.

The application form

The application form can be found in JOOPAS Online system (Please remember to include the required attachments!) 

Link to the Joopas online system:

NB. If the host university does not use Joopas system they use a paper JOO application form.If you apply to university which uses paper applications, the joo application must be scanned and sent to:
The list of universities which use paper applications  are listed on the front page of the Joopas site. See more: General Instructions

The duration of the study right

The study right can be approved for a maximum of two years, and the student can only take the courses the study right is granted for.

Registering JOO-studies into the registry of your home university

The transcript of completed JOO studies will be submitted to Student Services for registration according to the Faculty’s instruction for the recognition of studies. The student is responsible for ensuring that the completed studies are recognised.

Further information

If you need more information about studies done under the Flexible Study Right Scheme (JOO) or the application process, please contact the International Exchange Services



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