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Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS)

REMS is an open source tool for management of access rights to electronic resources, such as research datasets. Applicants can use their federated user IDs to log in to REMS, fill in the data access application and agree to the dataset's terms of use. The REMS system then circulates the application to the resource owner or designated representative for approval. REMS also produces the necessary reports on the applications and the granted data access rights. See the REMS leaflet for details on how REMS integrates to a data archive.



  • TNC2013 conference: REMS concept.(ppt)
  • VAMP workshop: REMS Integration to a data archive (ppt)
  • 2nd EUDAT conference: REMS/EUDAT pilot with the Finnish language bank (pdf)

REMS2 Demo

REMS installations hosted by CSC

  • Nordic Control Database
  • The Language Bank of Finland
  • The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Biobank



CSC’s work for REMS has been supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland and by Academy of Finland grants 271642 and 263164 to construct Biomedinfra, the Finnish consortium for ELIXIR, BBMRI and EATRIS ESFRI.


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