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Upgraded to 4.0.7 was upgraded to version 4.0.7.

In order to fix a security hole and cause minimal disturbance to the installed plugins, the server was updated from 4.0.3 to 4.0.7 on fri 2012-12-28, starting at 15:00 UTC+2.

This shouldn't have caused much disturbance since christmas holidays mean low usage of the server

At the same time, a table filter plugin was installed:

News archive 2012-12-28

INFO 27.12.2012
There will be a version update break on fri 2012-12-27, starting at 15:00 UTC+2.

INFO 22.10.2012
Login trouble? Restart your browser.

INFO 19.07.2012
Confluence has been upgraded to version 4.0.3. At least one more update will follow.

News archive 2012-12-17

INFO 14.12.2012
There will be a short maintenance break today at 16:00 UTC+2 to renew the SSL certificate on the site.

Result: the update was succesful. At the same time fixed searching to use UTF-8 charset and modified to offer the full certificate path.