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Confluence instance plugins worth considering:

  • Google Calendar - Embed a calendar to your page from a google account
  • Balsamiq Mockups - Do scetching of user interfaces (UI). License for your user account can be activated by contacting the administrators (confluence at Usage: Edit - Insert - UI Mockup

EULA Violation: This version of Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence is more recent than what your license allows.
Please contact your Confluence administrators so that they can purchase a maintenance license and make this annoying message disappear. :)

Table filtering: (Insert - Other Macros - All - search "table" - Table Filter)

Sortable tables (add normal table, click on the column titles)


Mathematical notation (Insert - Other Macros - Formatting - Mathdisplay)

\[ [ \frac{1}{\Bigl(\sqrt{\phi \sqrt{5}}-\phi\Bigr) e^{\frac25 \pi}} = 1+\frac{e^{-2\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-4\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-6\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-8\pi}} {1+\ldots} } } } ] \]

\[ \frac{1}{\Bigl(\sqrt{\phi \sqrt{5}}-\phi\Bigr) e^{\frac25 \pi}} = 1+\frac{e^{-2\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-4\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-6\pi}} {1+\frac{e^{-8\pi}} {1+\ldots} } } } \]

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