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An end-to-end demo has been prepared and can be used at conferences or meetings, where you want to show how EMREX works. The set-up uses one common student, Kaisa Keränen, that has access right both to the Finnish SMP and results in the Swedish NCP. That is, the story is that she is a Finnish student that has been on an exchange in Sweden.


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nameInstructions for testing EMREX between Finland and Sweden.docx

To run the dem:.

1 Go to


3 From the Finnish SMP select Sweden

4 In the Swedish NCP, select as the service provider

5 Press “Kaisa K” and you will get the right credentials to log-in

6 fill in Names and Date of birth and choose what data-set you want to use.

5 In the Swedish NCP you can now review all Kaisa’s results in Sweden. Select or delselect. It is also possible to ope up a course and see the classes connected to it. Select some courses and press Next