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EMREX's goal is to to make the administration of student mobility easier and thus promoting higher attainment level to student mobility in higher education and also encouraging more effective recognition of prior learning and avoiding overlapping studies. The recognition of external studies is also a measurable function that can be evaluated. In the first phase the trial will be set-up between three to four Nordic countries and Italy.

The biggest benefit coming out of this policy project will be the increased availability, quality and reliability of information about student records of achievement information. This will make student mobility processes easier and faster and more transparent for students. Students will also benefit from the recognition of previous academic studies and degrees because of increased eligibility, when applying for studies in higher education. The universities will benefit from a reduction of manual work. The trial also supports the collection of measurable data on the rate of recognition that can then be analysed and used for improving the national policies on student mobility and rules for recognition of previous studies.