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Here are the step-by-step instructions for obtaining your own certificate:

  1. Go to https://tcs-escience-portal.terena.orgClick "Login", select Finland as your country, and after that select your
  2. Type in your institution (it will autocomplete)
  3. Login using your HAKA username and password
  4. If you get an error about missing attributes, complain to your university IT center (not CSC, we can't help)
  5. Depending on your institution, you might be asked to confirm to forward the information to the TCS portal.
  6. Click "My Certificates" (on the left under certificates)
  7. Click on "New Certificate", read the Acceptable Use Policy, and if if you agree with it, proceed to the next step
  8. Now you are in the "Generate a CSR in the browser" menu.  Click: next.
  9. Now you should have a drop-down menu on the left. If the key length is not already set to 2048 bits, ensure that it is set to 2048 bits.
  10. Click: next. Your browser may ask you for your browser security password at this point.
  11.  Wait until you get the new certificate. (2 minutes or less)
  12. Now You need to click "Install to keystore" to install the certificate into your In "Choose a product" select "Grid Premium"
  13. If you have a pregenereated CSR, paste it into its window.
  14. Press "Request certificate"
  15. The certificate will be generated and automatically imported into the browser.

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