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A few calendar types are supported. One is embedding google calendars to the page.

{google-calendar:mode=month|colors=green,blue|controls=all|title=Example google calendars|eventsPerDay=5|width=700|height=500} // Public ICAL Link (green) // Another public XML Link (blue)
Google calendar
titleExample google calendars
// Public ICAL Link (green)
// Another public XML Link (blue)

Multiple calendars are supported, by inserting wiki markup and then pasting the relevant code.

Google calendars can be edited via google, so separate accounts and permissions are required for handling them.

Also an internal calendar is available. This can be edited by all users who can access the page. The support for the old plugin ended after version 4.1.10, so a commercial alternative was installed.


Team Calendars

Multiple calendars are supported here as well, they can be added from other internal calendars or external feeds.

Here, I've added an ical feed of Finnish holidays from