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Time: Monday June 3rd, 15:00–18:00

Location: Comfort Park Hotel, Trondheim, Norway


  1. Welcome
  2. Opening of Annual Assembly
  3. New associate or full members
  4. Block Chain from EMREX perspective
  5. Executive Committee’s report
    1. Yearly report 2018
    2. Year Plan 2019
    3. Other business
  6. Questions to the Executive Committee
  7. Acceptance of documents
    1. Yearly report 2018
    2. Year Plan 2019
  8. Meeting close

Documents for annual assembly

Full agenda

Yearly report 2018

Yearly plan 2019


  • Full EMREX User Group Statues here

According to the current Statutes:

  • There are two types of memberships:
    • Full-members, meaning organizations responsible for one or more NCPs. Full-members constitute the backbone of EUG and have one vote per country.
    • Associated members, meaning parties interested in EMREX, either through having e.g. an SMP or considering building an NCP or SMP. Associated members can participate in the activities, but do not have voting rights.
  • All decisions taken by any body of the organization require a 2/3 majority of the votes (present and proxy), the person chairing the body in question having a casting vote. 
  • Decisions with respect to changes in the statutes require a majority of two thirds of the votes (present and proxy) at the Annual Assembly.