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Instructions regarding the home university


Length of the home university’s endorsement process

The application will be handled within one month of its submission.

Handling of the application

Lappeenranta University of Technology uses the electronic Joopas Application System, as do other universities with the exception of the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Lapland and the Theatre Academy, University of Jyväskylä and University of Oulu. The system can be accessed at with your own university username and password. As for universities that do not use the electronic application system, a form from the JOOPAS portal ( must be printed and filled out. Find out about the application deadline of the target university, and prepare and send your application through the electronic system at least one month before the deadline. Attach your study plan (degree structure), course descriptions of the courses for which you are applying, and a transcript of records to your application. If you are applying to a university that does not use the electronic system, submit your printed application and appendices to your faculty coordinator for flexible study right issues (see Contact details of coordinators).

  • The application will be handled within one month of its submission.
  • If additional information is required, the applicant will be contacted by e-mail. The information requested should be provided without delay, but no later than a week after the e-mail was sent.
  • If the application is approved by the home university, it is automatically sent to the target university.

Home university approval criteria and preparation of the study plan

  • The application must be properly filled out and submitted on time. Appendices: 1) study plan, 2) course descriptions of courses applied for, 3) official transcript of records.
  • The application must be well-grounded and the courses must be appropriate for the student’s LUT degree without equivalents in the LUT curriculum.
  • The university can approve a maximum of 20-25 ECTS credits of flexible study right courses for a student, depending on the degree programme.
  • The degree programmes make the final decision.
  • In addition to the general approval criteria, degree programmes have criteria of their own.

Preparation of the study plan: More information on the preparation of the study plan is available on your faculty and degree programme web sites and from your study coordinator.

Validity of the flexible study right

The flexible study right can be approved for a maximum of 2 years. Note! The flexible study right will expire if the student graduates from LUT.

Submission of the application

When the electronic application is submitted, it will be automatically forwarded to the faculty coordinator for flexible study right issues. If the target university does not use the electronic application system, a printed application must be submitted to your faculty coordinator at Lappeenranta University of Technology, P.O.Box 20, FI-53851 Lappeenranta, Finland.

Degree programme coordinators for flexible study right issues:

  • Degree Programme in Energy and Environmental Technology: Study Coordinator Marjaana Lehtinen
  • School of Business: Study Coordinator Kaija Huotari
  • Degree Programme in Chemical Engineering: Study Coordinator Tarja Pettinen
  • Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering: Study Coordinator Tarja Pettinen
  • Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering: Study Coordinator Marjaana Lehtinen
  • Technomathematics and Technical Physics: International Study Coordinator Minna Loikkanen
  • Degree Programme in Information Technology: Study Coordinator Ilkka Nokelainen
  • Degree Programme in Industrial Management: Study Coordinator Ilkka Nokelainen
  • The Faculty of Technology (doctoral students): Head of Study Affairs Sari Damstén

Forwarding of the application to the target university

The electronic application will be forwarded directly to the coordinator in the home university and on to the target university. In other words, the applicant does not need to deliver it to the target university. Printed applications will be sent directly to the target university by the faculty in the home university.

Entry of completed courses in the student’s register

The student is responsible for providing the university with information on completed flexible study right courses. Only then can they be entered into the student’s records. An official transcript on the completed courses must be submitted to the LUT Student Affairs Office. Flexible study right courses will be marked in the register as “approved”.

Contact details of coordinators

Degree programmes in Energy and Environmental Technology and Electrical Engineering

  • Study Coordinator
  • Lehtinen Marjaana
  • marjaana.lehtinen(at)
  • 040 191 9418
  • Office: 3312

School of Business

  • Study Coordinator
  • Huotari Kaija
  • kaija.huotari(at)
  • (05) 621 7225
  • Office: 7352.2

Degree programmes in Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

  • Study Coordinator
  • Pettinen Tarja
  • tarja.nevalainen(at)
  • 040 159 2816
  • Office: 6305

Technomathematics and Technical Physics

  • International Study Coordinator
  • Loikkanen Minna
  • minna.loikkanen(at)
  • 040 824 1096
  • Office: 6305

Degree programmes in Information Technology and Industrial Management

  • Study Coordinator
  • Nokelainen Ilkka
  • ilkka.nokelainen(at)
  • 040 352 4002
  • Office: 4425

Applications handled by

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