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Field trial report

Field Trial report final.docx

Links for students in field trial (for contact persons internal)




To import their results Norwegian students logs in directly to the StudentWeb at their Norwegian institution


EMREX handbook 160217

Communication plan WP4*

Communication plan Field Trial (until June 2016).docx

Communication plan Field Trial 2017.docx

Start dates for Field Trial

 Planned startdateStatusComments
NorwayFeb 2016, 15.2.2016OKBoth NCP and EMREX-client (SMP) was in production in January.
SwedenFeb 2016, 3.3.2016OKNCP and SMP put in production first week of March.
FinlandFeb 2016, May 2016 for SMP, 24.8 for NCPOKSMP already in production and used by Finnish students, NCP in production (still not fully populated, so contact Mats/Jonna when you have students that wants to test it
ItalyJune 2016, September 2016 for NCP, September 2017 SMPJanuary 2017 for SMPOK NCP/SMPNCP up and running. SMP is still in development. Hope to release it by October 2016. Delayed to December. In pre-production from March 2017, still testing. SMP in production September 2017
DenmarkJune 2016,  8 February 2017 OK

NCP is in production as of 16 May 2017. SMP will not be made for the field trial



Risk Management and Register



Participating HEIs and an estimation of students 

CountryHEI(s)Nr of test studentsWhen ready for field trialCommentsContact person

These two universities have agreed to participate in the field trial:

  • Technical University of Denmark, DTU (in production)
  • University of Copenhagen, KU (in production June 2017)

 Possible teststudents (incoming) are around 100 (estimated)

University of Copenhagen: Estimated around 60 in total

Technical University of Copenhagen:


16 May: NCP ready

KU and DTU has sent out nationspecific mails to all their international students coming in from EMREX-countries/universities, ensuring to get as many students as possible onboard.


During the Field Trial students was very good at reporting any obstacles they encounterede during their Work with EMREX. This enabled us to quickly handle the smaller errors that was detected during the Field Trial.


Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen



ca 20

ca 35

NCP ready.

SMP delayed to October 2016.

The HEI listed are the ones which have already confirmed the participation.

We are contacting the others (primarily the ones that we know are using our mobility module) and as soon as we'll have confirmation we'll add them.

Stefano Russo

All HEIs for incoming students:




Åbo Akademi






Helsinki University




Hanken: ca 40

ÅA: ca 50

Hamk: ca 20

Oamk: ca 20


Kamk: ?

Mamk: ?

HY: one faculty

TurkuAMK: ca 20



June 2016

June 2016

No appropriate students yet

May 2016





June 2016



Hanken: Yes,

ÅA: Preliminary yes, but due to restructuring not among the firsts

Hamk: Yes, are participating

Oamk: Yes, are participating

Jamk: No, due to lack of human capital. But will evaluate the situation further and might join in late 2016. No complete automatisation

Kamk: No decision made yet

Mamk: Yes, will take part in testing once there are suitable students to test with

HY: Yes, one faculty will participate

TurkuAMK: Yes, are participating

UVA: Not sure yet

EMREX: Mats Lindstedt & Jonna Korhonen

Hanken: Kuno Öhrman

ÅA: Gurli-Maria Gardberg

Hamk: Susanna Saarinen

Oamk: Sami Niemelä

Kamk: Katja Liimatainen

Mamk: Antti Pikkarainen

HY: Sari Zitting, Kaisa Pesola & Mari Lauri

TurkuAMK: Ville Paananen

UVA: Ahmed Hamad

Norway All universities and university colleges all Erasmus-exchange students with results from an EMREX-country

 NCP ready Autumn 2015 Delayed. Start up February 2016.

SMP ready Autumn 2015 Delayed. Start up March 2016.

 Agnethe Sidselrud
SwedenAll HEIs for incoming students. Starting up with small populations of outgoing students from outgoing HEIs Trial strategy in all countries. NCP ready autumn 2015 Delayed. Start up March 2016.Both SMP and NCP start up i estimated to end of February. SMP and NCP run from Marsch 2016.Pamela Engström

* Communication plan (parts of)


Target group

Time plan

Contact personStatus

Internally EMREX-project


Newsletters. When FT started (beginning of Mars), April, just before summer vacation

A total of 5 newsletter during 2016

Pamela, Newsletter 1. Jonna, Newsletter 2(-5).Started

Steering Group


When FT started (beginning of Mars), just before summer vacation



Stake holders, HEIs, for circulation


When FT started (beginning of Mars), just before summer vacation.



Administrators and coordinators that works with traveling students


Has, partly, already been done 2015. More information when EMREX is technically available, either as test or real-life situation (country wise).

Contact personsStarted

Students, in each country


When tool is available for:

  1. Testing
  2. Field Trial
Contact personsStarted

Contact persons, each country

Monthly meeting in the beginning of each month. Start up in beginning or middle of February.



Start up as soon as Field Trial is running. Logs from each country twice a month.

Each countryStarted

Contact persons for Field Trial

Geir Vangen

Agnethe Sidselrud

Stefano Russo

Mats Lindstedt

Jonna Korhonen

Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen

Tomasz Zajac

Pamela Engström 



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  1. Great information! Just in the forst column sending HEI and the next five receiving countries or the other way around?


    1. The first column is a sending HEI and columns from B to G are recieving countries.