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Instructions regarding the home university

Length of home university’s endorsement process

JOO applications are processed continuously. The endorsement process depends e.g. on the work situation and presence of the personnel in the Student Services and departments. The application must be submitted to the home university well before the application deadline at the host university, preferably no later than 4 weeks before the application deadline. The endorsement process usually takes 2 - 3 weeks, but can sometimes take longer. Therefore, reserve sufficient time for the endorsement process at Aalto University before the host university application deadline!

Endorsement of the application

The application is filled in the electronic application system Joopas, if the host university uses the system. This is the case with most universities. If the university does not use the system, a paper JOO application form is used. The list of universities that do not use Joopas can be found on the Joopas site.

After being submitted, an electronic JOO application is automatically forwarded to Student Services for the endorsement process. The paper application forms are also processed by Student Services (see addresses below). Before applying, the studies must be approved as a part of the student’s personal study plan (PSP). Studies cannot be endorsed if they are not part of the PSP.

Home university approval criteria and preparation of the study plan

An application can be endorsed if the following requirements are met:

  • The studies are included in the student’s bachelor's or master's degree and they are a part of the students approved personal study plan (PSP, HOPS).
  • The student has demonstrated that his/her studies have progressed normally. A bachelor's student may not receive endorsement for studies that are planned for the first year of study.
  • Similar or corresponding courses are not offered in the student's home school. JOO studies are not intended to substitute for the teaching offered in the student's own school, and students cannot take courses at another university if they are available at the home school.
  • The studies are suited for the student's degree. They support the bachelor's or master's degree, and are part of the student's degree, for example minor studies or part of elective studies.
  • Studies are not Open University studies.
  • Applications by an exchange student cannot be approved.

The studies cannot be endorsed without an approved personal study plan. The approved personal study plan and a transcript of records must be enclosed with the application. Information about the approval of the study plan can be found on your school’s Into pages. For instructions and information about how to make your study plan, please contact your degree programme.

Requirements for minor studies for students of the School of Business

The studies the student applies for must form an entity at the host university. Based on the degree requirements of Aalto University School of Business, the extent of the minor studies the student applies for needs to be (at least) 30 ECTS for bachelor's degree and 24 ECTS for master's degree. If the minor at the receiving school is e.g. 25 ECTS, but the student needs 30 ECTS, he/she can choose an extra course that suits the minor. If the extent is 32 ECTS, he/she can get endorsement for 32 ECTS. However, it is not possible to get an approval for studies that exceed the extent (24/30 ECTS) very much.

Requirements for minor studies for students in the field of technology

The studies the student applies for must form an entity at the host university. The extent of a module at the field of technology is 20 ECTS. The minor entity's extent must be at least 20 ECTS. It is not possible to get an approval for studies that exceed the extent very much.

Requirements for minor studies for students of the School of Art, Design and Architecture

The minor studies must be suited for the student's degree, e.g. as a minor or part of the elective studies. It should form an entity at the receiving school.

Duration of the flexible study right

The endorsement for JOO studies is always granted for a fixed period. The duration of the study right can be a maximum of two years. The length of the endorsement depends e.g. on the amount of credits the student plans on completing. Please note that the actual time the host university grants for your studies may be shorter than the time Aalto University has originally endorsed!

Submission of the application

After being submitted, an electronic JOO application is automatically forwarded to the Student Services for endorsement. The paper application form (if the host university does not use the electronic application system) will be submitted to the Student Services. Please mark the envelope with ‘JOO application’.


  • Aalto University School of Business, Student Services, PL 21210, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Chemical Technology, Student Services, PL 16100, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Science, Student Services, PL 15400, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, Student Services, PL 13000, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Engineering, Student Services, PL 14100, 00076 Aalto
  • Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Student Services, PL 31000, 00076 Aalto

Forwarding of the application to the target university

An electronic JOO application will automatically be transferred to the host university, if the application has been endorsed by Aalto University in whole or in part. If Aalto University has not endorsed the application, the reasons for the decision can be found from the system. The student will receive an automatic email when the decision has been made. The status and the processing history of the electronic application can be seen in the Joopas system throughout the process. After the student has sent his/her application, he/she is no longer able to modify the application. If changes are needed, please contact the person in charge of the processing of the application in Student Services.

An endorsed paper JOO application form will be forwarded directly to the host university by the Student Services. If the application is not endorsed, it will be archived in the Student Services. The student will always be informed of the decision, whether the application is approved or rejected.

Credit transfer

The credit transfer of JOO studies to Aalto University’s student register is done via the normal credit transfer process. An official transcript of records of the studies is needed. If the studies form an entity (e.g. minor), a certificate of this is needed as well.

Contact details of coordinators

School of Engineering:

  • Study co-ordinator
  • Riissanen Virpi
  • virpi.riissanen(at)
  • 050 564 5495

School of Business:

  • Planning Officer
  • Salminen Aino
  • aino.2.salminen(at)
  • 050 413 6414

School of Chemical Technology

  • Planning Officer
  • Pekkarinen Virve
  • virve.pekkarinen(at)
  • 050 413 7627

School of Science

  • Study co-ordinator
  • Salmisuo Sari
  • sari.salmisuo(at)
  • 050 408 4540

School of Electrical Engineering

  • Planning Officer
  • Salama Annika
  • annika.salama(at)
  • 050 560 7436

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

  • Planning Officer
  • Forsback Hannu
  • hannu.forsback(at)
  • 050 433 0736
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