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The answer depends on the detailed scientific sub-domain  :

1) Crop sciences - plant sciences - agricultural sciences 

1.a - wheat data

The working group "Wheat data interoperability" has produced guidelines for the description of wheat data and a list of vocabularies and ontologies that can be found here 

You'll also find specific examples for each kind of data in the "guidelines" topic 


1.b - agricultural data

See Agroportal 


2) life sciences


2.a - biosharing (Oxford Univ.)

The web site gives a list of standards that can be used as model for data description or data indexation see 

information about Biosharing project 


2.b - bioportal (NCBO)

See  Bioportal is developped by the NCBO (National center for biomedical ontologies

Bioportal is a web-based application for accessing and sharing biomedical ontologies

  • Browse, find, and filter ontologies in BioPortal library
  • Search all ontologies in the BioPortal library with your terms
  • Submit a new ontology to BioPortal library
  • Views on large ontologies
  • Explore mappings between ontologies