Note: This page and FGI's VM are still in a Beta status. You are encouraged to use it and give us your feedback.
Remember: To use this Virtual Machine on FGI you need first to request a Grid Certificate and then VO membership. More info here.

FGI Demonstration Virtual Machine

In order to facilitate the access to Finnish Grid Infrastructure one Virtual Appliance have been created.

This VM can be used by anyone that:

Get the Virtual Appliance

FGI's Demonstration Virtual Machine file can be downloaded from this link. Previous version can be found here.

Please note that this file have approximately 500 MB. We recommend that the download is made using a good and inexpensive internet connection.

Virtualization Software

Although this Virtual Appliance have been exported to an Open Virtualization Format it have been tested so far only on Oracle's VirtualBox virtualization software.

You can download Oracle VirtualBox from here and check installation details here.

Please let us know if you used a different virtualization software. We would like to include that information in this page.

Importing the VM on VirtualBox

On Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager Menu, under File:

Select Import Appliance...

Click in Choose... button and select the downloaded file

Click Next > 

Click Import button

That's it, now you should be able to start your VM on Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager.

Virtual Machine Credentials

This VM already have a pre-configured account. Here are the credentials:

Username: fgidemo

Password: fgi2012

Certificate installation

To copy your certificate and key files from your host machine to the VM you can use the following command:

$ scp -P 2223  ~/.globus/*.pem fgidemo@localhost://home/fgidemo/.globus/

This assumes that your files are located in .globus folder at you home directory.

When using windows you can use winscp tool or configure a shared folder between the host and virtual machines.


Alternatively, you can transfer your certificate into the VM using the shared folder feature on VirtualBox.

There are nice tutorials online about how you can set up this easily. For instance here and here.

VM SSH access

Because sometimes the virtualization software console interface isn't so user friendly as we like, there is the possibility of accessing this VM via SSH. This is made possible with a port forwarding rule.

This way, from a terminal, you can SSH into the VM:

$ ssh -l fgidemo localhost -p 2223

If you are using a windows host you can use putty terminal emulator.

After having access to your VM terminal you can jump into the Getting started with FGI and try the First tests section.


Note: This is a Beta version of FGI Virtual Appliance. Many Improvements might be needed. If you find any issue, please contact helpdesk(at)