Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ, eng) - Usein Kysytyt Kysymykset (UKK, fin)

Login difficulty and IPv6

Q: I cannot login to confluence! The login page comes up, I put my Haka or local credidentials in but confluence still says "Log in" on the title bar

A: Confluence uses crowd to handle logins. Crowd is a separate server and stores the IP address used during login in a browser cookie. The IP must match the one that you are accessing confluence with.
Both servers have IPv4 and IPv6 enabled in their DNS records, meaning that they can be accessed with either. The potential trouble ensues when one server is accessed with IPv6 and the other with IPv4. This can be due to switching networks and the browser cache remembering the IPv4 address as working, or DNS resolution settings.

Diagnostics: If you use Firefox for browsing, install the SixOrNot addon. It will show what IP addresses you have used to access the servers. The access IP is shown first on the list, then alternate addresses. If the button is yellow, you cannot login due to IPv4/IPv6 access conflict.

Resolutions: If the conflict is due to browser DNS cache, you can quit and restart your browser or flush the browser cache with a separate plugin, if available. Should this not work, you can momentarily turn off IPv6 from your network settings so you access all pages solely with IPv4. The latter should not be considered a permanent solution, since the need for IPv6 connectivity is increasing.


Q: Login works, but randomly stops working. I have an OS X Lion machine.

A: Apple uses their own version of the algorithm called "Happy Eyeballs" which uses whichever IP address answers first instead of preferring IPv6. Dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 address and IP-based authentication combine to create this bug.


  1. Use some other browser than Safari, for example Chrome. They have implemented their own IPv6 lookup.
  2. Switch IPv6 to link-local only (effectively turning it off).
  3. Edit the hosts-file of the machine to point it only to IPv4 addresses:

    # Added to the end of file after other definitions:
    # Confluence dualstack force to IPv4

  4. Broke the IPv4 route (or IPv6) in routing table: 

    $ sudo route -n add

    $ sudo route -n add

    $ sudo route -n add

    $ sudo route -n add

Browsing is slow

Q: When I browse confluence pages. the loading takes a long time for each request.

A: It seems that any browser that has logged in to confluence has a cookie set. The slowness comes from validation failure of the cookie, repeatedly. We are working on getting the issue resolved.

Workarounds: Log in with your credidentials. Alternatively, clear browser cookies for and

Forgot password

You can reset your password via email from Crowd. When using HAKA-login, your username is your eduPersonPrincipalName, aka. shortname@domain. For instance

User training

Atlassian offers online tutorials for using confluence.